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IPL 10 - 2017

14 Jun - 3 pm 1st Semi FINAL
England v Pakistan
15 Jun - 3 pm 2nd Semi FINAL
India v BanglaDesh
18 Jun - 3 pm FINAL
India v Pakistan



ICL 2008 - Season 2 - Schedule

# Date Team vs Team Scorecard
1 10 Oct Hyderabad vs Lahore Scorecard
2 11 Oct Dhaka vs Chennai Scorecard
3 12 Oct Ahmedabad vs Delhi Scorecard
4 12-Oct Royal Bengal vs Lahore Scorecard
5 13-Oct Chandigarh vs Mumbai Scorecard
6 14-Oct Ahmedabad vs Chennai Scorecard
7 15-Oct Dhaka vs Hyderabad Scorecard
8 16-Oct Delhi vs Royal Bengal  Scorecard
9 17-Oct Ahmedabad vs  Mumbai  Scorecard
10 18-Oct Chandigarh vs  Chennai  Scorecard
11 19-Oct Mumbai vs Royal Bengal  Scorecard
12 19-Oct Ahmedabad vs Lahore  Scorecard
13 20-Oct Delhi  vs Dhaka  Scorecard
14 21-Oct Chennai  vs Hyderabad  Scorecard
15 22-Oct Ahmedabad vs Royal Bengal  Scorecard
16 23-Oct Mumbai  vs Lahore  Scorecard
17 24-Oct Delhi vs Chennai Scorecard
18 25-Oct Dhaka vs Royal Bengal  Scorecard
19 26-Oct Chandigarh  vs Hyderabad  Scorecard
20 26-Oct Delhi  vs Lahore  Scorecard
21 27-Oct Mumbai  vs Dhaka  Scorecard
22 28-Oct Chandigarh  vs Royal Bengal  Scorecard
23 29-Oct Ahmedabad   vs Hyderabad Scorecard
24 30-Oct Delhi  vs Mumbai  Scorecard
25 31-Oct Chandigarh  vs Dhaka  Scorecard
26 1-Nov Delhi  vs Hyderabad  Scorecard
27 2-Nov Chennai  vs Mumbai  Scorecard
28 2-Nov Chandigarh  vs Lahore  Scorecard
29 3-Nov Ahmedabad  vs Dhaka  Scorecard
30 4-Nov Chennai  vs Royal Bengal  Scorecard
31 5-Nov Chandigarh  vs Delhi  Scorecard
32 6-Nov Hyderabad  vs Mumbai  Scorecard
33 7-Nov Dhaka  vs Lahore  Scorecard
34 8-Nov Hyderabad  vs Royal Bengal  Scorecard
35 9-Nov Ahmedabad  vs Chandigarh  Scorecard
36 9-Nov Chennai  vs Lahore  Scorecard
37 10-Nov Semi Final 1 - TBC vs TBC Scorecard
38 11-Nov Semi Final 2 - TBC vs TBC Scorecard
39 13-Nov 1st Final - TBC vs TBC Scorecard
40 15-Nov 2nd Final - TBC vs TBC Scorecard
41 16-Nov 3rd Final - TBC vs TBC Scorecard

Click Here to see ICL 2008 Season 2 Scorecards and Results

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